Open Call: For What it’s Worth

Current Obsession – Saturday afternoon Social Workshop: For What it’s Worth 12:00-13:00, Munich Jewellery Week, 14th of March

Munich Jewellery Week Headquarters
Amore Bar, Adalbertstraße 23
A collection of online reviews written by wearers of jewellery, inspired ‘Jewellery Perspectives’ – a research project led by designer Irma Földényi and curator Evelien Bracke – to host a review workshop during MJW. Inspirational insights don’t necessarily focus on the jewel itself but on its renewed definition in today’s society. By going beyond current developments Jewellery Perspectives aims to explore how jewellery can address societal issues or environmental dilemma’s, respond to contemporary contexts and reveal new and existing relations and networks. Could jewellery, for example, give geopolitical insights or even test or represent the shifting idea of Europe? Can jewellery take on a relevant role again in contemporary society?

This review workshop is an open call for reviews of the jewellery that you are wearing. The workshop will start with a selection of reviews written by wearers of jewellery, to which you are warmly invited to contribute with your own words and experiences. The growing collection of personal reviews will be developed into a vibrant publication.