About Jewellery Perspectives

Jewellery Perspectives: maker, client, material and world is a research project of Evelien Bracke and Irma Földényi. Jewellery is mostly presented and addressed as an autonomous object and portrayed without context, but jewellery is meant to be present in the real world. Underlying social, political and cultural processes for conceiving a jewel even if addressed often remain hidden. This project doesn’t necessarily focus on the jewel itself but is particularly interested in researching its renewed definition in today’s society, researching contemporary contexts and building new ones beyond the protective confines of the artisanal workshop. The as-found and constructed contexts can be turned into production sites for renewed interactions in the process of defining jewellery.

By going beyond current developments we aim to explore how jewellery can address societal issues or environmental dilemma’s, respond to contemporary contexts and reveal new and existing relations and networks. Could jewellery for example give geopolitical insights or even test or represent the shifting idea of Europe? Can jewellery take on a relevant role again in contemporary society? We consider the artistic process as important as the final result (object, jewel) and are aiming to open up and to make visible the complex processes of a designer working with a social context.

This website displays references for jewellery outside the field of jewellery, as well as interventions, objects and exhibitions developed by us. By visiting 6 disciplines such as architecture, literature, film, economy, history and science, we develop interventions, interviews and associative relations between makers, clients, materials and the world. Supported by Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie nl.


text by Evelien Bracke and Irma Foldenyi                                                                                                    concept by Evelien Bracke and Irma Foldenyi                                                                                        webdesign by Irma Foldenyi                                                                                                                    programming by Firma 103